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Techniquest Trip - 26th May 2022

Storey Arms - Information for Parents and Carers

Secondary Results Day - Frequently Asked Questions

Covid Inform Letter - Cwtch Dderwen 22.01.2022

Dear Parent /Carer

In preparation for High School, Year 6 are taking part in the Streetwise Travel Training organised by the 'Cardiff Council Road Safety Team'. This is a combination of classroom training and practical training off-site. In order for your child to take part in this you will need to download and complete the word document attached below. You will then need to either send the completed document or a photograph of the completed form and email it back to school via email.  We will need your consent by Monday 24th January 2022.

Thank you

Mrs.  Davies

Road Safety Parent Consent Form

Rock Steady Letter - 20.01.22


Spelling Games - Select your level and play the game.


SPAG - Do you understand the different types of nouns ? -  Nouns


SPAG - Do you know the different ways in which we can use adjectives ? - Click here to play the games.


Pobble Literacy Resources - Use these daily resources to develop your writing skills.




Multiplication Work - Test your times tables. - Test your times tables, 6, 7 and 9s in particular.


Division - Play the game and test your division skills - Click here to play.


Test your general numeracy skills, play this games - Guardians of Mathematica


Fractions - Can you add and simplify fractions ? - Click here to work your way through the levels to develop your understanding of fractions.


Decimals - Which decimal is the smallest / biggest ? Compare these fractions and draw the correct symbol in the box.

Summer 2022 - Energy and Forces


Science and technology will be our driving theme this term. Pupils in Cwtch 6 will be asking questions about the world around us and applying scientific knowledge to further understand how our world works. There will be a particular focus on energy and forces, and how these forces impact on our lives. They will understand that forces and energy can be used to describe the behaviour of everything from the smallest building blocks of matter to the motion of planets and stars. They will also realise that understanding forces and energy helps us to predict and control the behaviour of our environment.



Cwtch 6 Parents - You're invited to join us ...

Collaboration in action for our outdoor coding/music session.

Visit to Glamorgan County Cricket Club

Unplugged Binary Codes Investigation

Outdoor Learning - Unplugged Coding.

Music in the classroom

Spring 2022 - A Time of Change

Our learning this term is called 'A Time of Change'.


We will be learning about the changes that have happened in Wales over the last 200 years.

We will be using our experiences, knowledge and beliefs to generate ideas and make enquiries.

We will be understanding the difference between facts, opinions and beliefs.

We will use evidence to explain how aspects of the past have been represented and interpreted in different ways.

We will look into how factors have shaped Wales, and the communities within Wales.


In literacy, we will be studying a range of reports and using the features of these to produce our own reports in different formats.


In our numeracy lessons, we will be considering how multiplication and division helps us solve problems. We will also be developing our understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages and using calculations to help support our work in other areas. 


In ICT we will be developing our multimedia skills and hopefully having some online meetings with groups of children from other classes to present our work.

Wednesday is our dedicated PE day and this term we will be developing our ball skills and going on to use these in netball and football games.



ICE Wales- The Easter Story

Our visit to the library.

Our visit from Amanda at Welsh Water

Squash with Richard from Squash Wales

More photographs .....

More great collaborative enquiry work ...

What really happened with those 3 Little Pigs?


As part of an introduction to report writing, Cwtch 5 decided to imagine the story of the 3 Little Pigs from a different perspective. After some productive discussion, the groups reported their new ideas to the class.


Autumn Term 2021


It is a new school year and a new term.

This term we are learning about how we can keep ourselves healthy and our topic is called 'This is me !'

As we continue our journey to strive to become ambitious and capable learners in all areas of our school life we will also be thinking our our new RATE values.

R - Respect

A - Aspiration

T - Teamwork

E - Equity


The main area of learning this term is Health and Wellbeing, and we will be learning about how we can keep ourselves healthy.

We are looking forward to the work we will cover throughout the term on this topic.


Mr Williams and Mrs Davies will be the class teachers.

Mrs Davies will be our main teacher Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

Mr Williams will be our main teacher Wednesday and Thursday.


Our PE day is Wednesday, you will need to wear your PE kit to school.

There is information about this in the letters on the main page.


Please bring a bottle of water and a healthy snack to eat at break time.

You can also pack an extra bottle of water in your lunch bag.


A Christmas Poem ...

Bishop Cherry's Christmas Card Competition.

Teulu'r Dderwen Warn and Inform Letter - 13.10.2021

We're using line to create a series of effects. We're bringing objects to life and giving meaning to abstract drawings. Our inspiration is the incredible artist, Stephen Wiltshire. 


You can read about him here (click on the image) ...


Stephen Wiltshire

Please find attached the letter for parents with children in year 6 offering some guidance on applying for Secondary School.

Our First Week Back in School

PC Rhys supported us with a workshop about Cyber bullying