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Cwtch 2

Literacy / Phonics

- Buried Treasure (good for practising blending your sounds) - Buried Treasure!

- Dragon's Den (good for practising blending your sounds) - Dragon's Den!

- Picnic on Pluto (good for practising blending your sounds) - Picnic on Pluto!

- Skywriter (for practising handwriting individual letters) - Skywriter

- Cursive Handwriting Video (for practising individual letters - Cursive Handwriting Video

- An interactive non-fiction text (for reading skills) - Interactive Non-Fiction Text

- Small Town Superheroes (for punctuation and sentence structure) - Small Town Superheroes!


Caterpillar Carnage (good for recognising numbers) - Caterpillar Carnage - Mathsframe

- Monkey Maths (good for recognising numbers) - Monkey Maths - Mathsframe

- Deines - Identify and Represent Numbers (good for recognising numbers) - Dienes - Identify and Represent Numbers - Mathsframe

- Karate Cats Maths (good for place value and times tables practice) - Play Karate Cats Maths Game For Kids | Free Online Maths Games - BBC Bitesize

- Bud’s Number Garden (good for sequencing numbers) - Play Bud's Number Garden | Starting Primary School | Fun Online Games for Kids | BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize


Whole School Creative Tasks