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Cwtch 6


Spelling Games - Select your level and play the game.


SPAG - Do you understand the different types of nouns ? -  Nouns.


SPAG - Do you know the different ways in which we can use adjectives ? - Click here to play the games.


Hwb - Spell Blast - Sign in to your account and select your level. Click here.



Multiplication Work - Test your times tables. - Test your times tables, 6, 7 and 9s in particular.


Division - Play the game and test your division skills - Click here to play.


Test your general numeracy skills, play this games - Guardians of Mathematica


Fractions - Can you add and simplify fractions ? - Click here to work your way through the levels to develop your understanding of fractions.


Decimals - Which decimal is the smallest / biggest ? Compare these fractions and draw the correct symbol in the box.


Whole School Creative Tasks