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Cwtch Chwech

10.07.24 St Woolos Leavers Service

Finding your feet in Year 7- Advise from our school nurse.

24.6.24 Ewenny Priory Trip Letter

Summer 2: Visual Curriculum

Design Technology: Practising Practical Skill and Tool Use

Design Technology: Planning Structures

Science: Investigating Thermal Insulation

Designing, writing, debugging and performing/recording musical algorithms!

We have been building 2D and 3D shapes in the build up to our Design and Technology project.

We have been investigating and comparing the absorbency of different materials.

French Dominoes: Hobbies and Sports

Dydd Cymraeg mix up with Cwtch Pedwar - Welsh Playground Games

Musical Coding: Writing and interpreting musical phrases as algorithms

Our Water Cycle inspired Coding and Music projects are in full flow.

It’s always exciting when new books arrive!

Cwtch Chwech are working hard to inquire nto this term's big questions. Here is a selection of the work that they have produced!

Coding Unplugged: Creating variables and conditions in games

Our MVPs - St Mellons TTRS Tournament

Helpwr Heddiw: 1st and 3rd person feelings

We analysed real examples of letters and developed our own toolkit for writing one.

The last one. For now...

Still image for this video

Even more animation...

Still image for this video

More animation exploration!

Still image for this video

We explored paper cut animation: Final Projects to come!

Still image for this video

Today we explored stop motion animation for the first time this year. We will fine tune our skills and apply this to our Big Spring Project in the coming weeks.

Some more fraction action...

Some recent fraction action!

Planning Pop Art

We made vector logos and voted to decided which one should reprsent our class. We reminded ourselves how rules and laws are made and discussed the democratic election process.

Planning logos

The Big Spring Project is in full swing!

We built biographies by sorting paragraphs into chronological order and creating suitable subheadings!

Da iawn St Woolos!

We planned our Eisteddfod poetry by harvesting powerful poetic devices and rhyming couplets.

08.2.24 - Pantomime Trip - New Theatre

Some examples of the design drafts and sample prints for our Andy Warhol inspired, Welsh icon Pop Art.

Isla taught the class how to say some Italian phrases today. She planned a fool lesson with multiple tasks and clear success criteria!

After our conversation about How rules and laws guide societies, Aralina prepared a presentation for us. She taught us about the symbolic nature of Sikhism and how her faith guides her life.

Cardiff food bank came to talk to us and led a workshop about equity and financial literacy!

After researching and making notes about The 5 Pillars of Islam, we wrote a short paragraph explain the importance of each pillar to Muslims and discussed how these rules guide the Islamic faith.

We memorised and rehearsed a poem in our reading sessions before learning how to use the green screen feature in iMovie.

Still image for this video

A big thanks to Tam from Race Equality First for our anti-racism workshop and art project! Art to be posted when complete...

We have been exploring the map of Wales, using keys for find Information and the scale to measure distances.

Sabine is an incredible athlete and has a range of her running talents have been on display recently at the South Wales Indoor Athletics Championship. She won gold in the 60m sprint and bronze in the 800m. This was achieved in the under 13 age category - Llongyfarchiadau Sabine!

We made cognitive maps while researching important politicians...

Nativity rehearsals are all go!

A few snaps of the Christmas Fair:

We had a visit from Mother Rose in preparation for our Eucharist:

We used our performance skills to role play and interview with the character from our reading sessions:

The ABC of Opera (Any...Body...Can!)

As part of our instruction writing journey, we practised using imperative verbs by creating 'bossy' board game!

Children in Need: Vector Drawing Homework

Autumn Curriculum Map

Today, we gathered data for each of the ball skills we have been practising this term. We used stop watches to time our partners who were tracking their own personal bests. We used Google Sheets to input the data before using formulae to find the average score for each skills (=average(selection)). After this, we used our recent maths learning to round our averages to the nearest integer before creating a chart to visually represent our data.

P.E / Data Handling (see above post).

Still image for this video

In Welsh we used the skills learnt in Drama to improve our speaking and listening.

Maths: Using Gattegno Charts and Place Value Charts to multiply and divide numbers by powers of ten.

Independent writing under candle light (examples of writing coming soon!)

Drama: Discussing and Improvising Social Dilemma Scenarios

Talk For Writing: Memorising a story before writing it (and innovating it in over the coming weeks)

Cwtch Chwech have been busy in maths this week, working hard to challenge themselves and using the answer station to spot mistakes.

We'll be exploring the concept of 'belonging' this term and, as part of this, Cwtch 6 have been discussing what different values mean to them. The whole class showed their ability to speak and listen effectively as they came up with some very powerful definitions for a variety of values. Take a look at some of their work below.