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Cwtch Pedwar

Playing Bingo during our Welsh Mix-Up Day

Glamorgan Cricket Trip Letter - May 13th 2024

Big Spring Project Letter

Trip Letter - Royal Welsh College - 11.03.24

Eisteddfod Poem

Spring term 1 - Learning Journey

Collaborative RVE projects

We've been looking at poetry in our reading sessions this week. We combined this with our new skills in using Green Screens and using Imovie to edit.

Still image for this video

We've been experimenting with video backdrops and still images while editing our videos.

Still image for this video

Our map work lessons kicked off by looking at where in the world we live.

We’ve been looking at practical ways too show multiplication of a 2 digit number this week!

Our new class mascot Tiny has been helping us think about different ways we can solve problems in maths lessons. This week we’ve been multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100!

After creating and improving our Haiku and Cinquain poems this week we began designing our published piece inspired by our writing choices and vocabulary.

Learning new vocabulary through Syllable work to help us plan our ideas for poetry

Our guided reading sessions this week have focused on retelling and summarising the short stories we have read. We have also been using this time to compete against each other using this weeks spelling words in online games.

Exploring where laws are made at the Senedd

This week we looks at similarities between how decisions are made at the Senedd compared to in our school council. We then began creating visual representations of how laws are made.

19.12.23 Eucharist at St Mellons Parish Church

Y4 Nativity Costume Letter

After a busy week of ordering and identifying the features of instructions Cwtch Pedwar were finally ready for their final task. Our ‘ideal’ set of instructions helped us create the perfect rice crispy cakes (with a touch of personalisation). Big thanks to our clean up crew Serah and Anayah! Diolch yn fawr iawn!

We created our own Pusey Origami pieces using ‘tutorials’ videos. This helped us look at how instructors don’t always need to be written down.

After a list of helpful words got completely jumbled up this week Cwtch Pedwar did a great job of sorting them back into their categories. We now have a bank of imperative verbs, adjectives and adverbs to support our future writing.

Teamwork at its finest! After our instructions were distorted in a paper trimmer disaster this week Cwtch Pedwar managed to organise them into a logical sequence using their knowledge of instructions and problem solving skills. We saw how important it was that a method goes in chronological order and how helpful images can be!

We’ve been using our knowledge of sentence types to help us develop our questioning using branching databases. Our walking database made it much easier to sort out sentences into groups.

Our final stories are publish and we’ve each printed our own copy! Visit Google Classroom to see the product of perseverance and hard work!

Some of this weeks volunteers during a special worship with a visitor.

Our first session with Glamorgan Cricket Club.

We’ve been developing our communication skills through games! This week we’ve learnt how to copy and paste images, invite a partner to edit our work with us and accept and invite to a classmates task.

This week we’ve been exploring different methods used when weaving. This took us back to our visit to the weaving mill at St Fagons and showed us just how much patience and determination is needed to follow a pattern accurately.

A brilliant day exploring our theme of belonging at St Fagans. Over 7000 steps and an immeasurable number of facts!

Visit Letter - St Fagans 02.10.2023

We took our knowledge of number lines outside to develop our understanding of intervals and midpoints. Exercise for the brain and the body!

Real PE in action.

In drama lessons we’ve been exploring characters emotions in response to moral dilemmas.

Diolch Dasha and Neve for leading some excellent talk with this weeks reasoning questions.

Thank you to our maths models for helping us delve into partitioning this week.

We were generating interrogative sentences in our own ‘interrogation’. We set up a courtroom to question whitenesses from the entrapment of the lion in The Lion and the Mouse.

We have been using Talk for Writing to help us with our future story writing. We began with using actions while we read to help us memories the story.

This weeks ‘Helpwr Heddiw’ favourite for sentence patterns has definitely been a game of spin the wheel! Diolch to all that lead this week’s sessions!

We’ve been developing our peer assessment this week and exploring way we can compare and explain our answers to check our independent work. Some great talk partner work has been spotted!

We’ve been using our new Welsh vocabulary to help us find information about characters families.

We have been exploring the structure of dilemma stories like The Lion and the Mouse while picking up some new vocabulary.

We started off the year by revisiting R.A.T.E and reminding ourselves how we can show these values in school.