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Cwtch Tri

Class teacher: Miss West

Teaching assistant: Mrs Murray

Cwtch 3 are excited to share their favourite pieces of work with you from this year. They have created a 'Proud to Present' presentation which you can find on Google Classroom under the topic 'Proud to Present'.

In Cwtch 3, we have been doing an investigation to see how the sun affects how well plants grow. These are our observations so far.

Cwtch 3 had a great time learning how to pitch tents for Refugee Week 2023.

Sports Day 2023!

We have been learning about the properties of different 3D shapes in maths and even had the challenge of building our own!

We have enjoyed exploring symmetry in shapes and patterns.

This week we have looked at different types of turns moving clockwise and anti-clockwise. We then directed each other around the school yard.

Trip to Newport Wetlands - Wednesday 17th May 2023.

Coronation Invite - 05/05/23


In Progression Step 2 this term we are focusing on humanities and expressive arts.

As part of our topic we will be writing poetry, creating multimedia presentations, performing dance and designing our coat of arms. There is a great focus on castles and life long, long ago. 


As part of our topic we will look at urban landscapes. In numeracy we will be learning about number, measurement, fractions, position and measurement. We will consolidate this through our Big Maths.


Eisteddfod activities such as recitals, handwriting, poetry, art and singing will also be covered this half term. We will also send home an activity linked to the topic and this will be judged for our Eisteddfod.


In PE lessons we will be creating dances including Welsh dance for the Eisteddfod. Later in the term we will be developing our teamwork and ball skills. Our PE day is Tuesday. Please make sure your child is wearing a suitable kit.


We will continue to develop our understanding of our values:






Please find attached a copy of our trip letter to Bethesda Church.

We had fun learning all about life during the Medieval times in our workshop this week.

Cwtch 3 have been measuring capacity and volume this week. They had a challenge to collect water for the different people living in the castle.

Cwtch 3 enjoyed having a go at being real archers, and investigated whether the length of our arms made us a better archer. We had a go at using the bow an arrows and measured how far the arrows travelled.

As part of Jigsaw, Cwtch 3 have been designing their own gardens to work towards their Dreams and Goals puzzle piece. They have been working in different teams to design a garden for someone that may face a particular challenge, and thought carefully about what features to include, based on the needs of the person. They then presented their ideas to the rest of the class.

We have been learning about the different parts of a castle, and how they make it defensive.

We really enjoyed designing and creating our own Coat of Arms, ready for our Eisteddfod.

We have been busy measuring the rooms of the castle using metres and centimetres.

We spotted a rainbow outside. We remembered the story of Noah’s ark and Gods promise to us.

Cardiff Castle Trip - Tuesday 17th January 2023.

Autumn 2 - Homework

Here is a selection of literacy and numeracy homework based on what we are learning in class. 
There is also a project based on sculptures which is what we will be looking as a part of our Science and Technology topic. 
We look forward to seeing all of your creations. 

Learning about Diwali celebrations.

Show Racism the Red Card Day

Cwtch 3 enjoyed peeling and chopping vegetables for our Harvest Soup. We did this by following a recipe and next we will be writing our own!

We loved our first recorder lesson in Cwtch 3.

Learning about Harvest and the story of Joseph with ICE Wales

Trip Letter - Techniquest

Working as a team to build our beehive.

Celebrating Rosh Hashana with apples dipped in honey, while thinking about our goals and aspirations for the year ahead.

Exploring different fact files ready to write our own on honey bees.

Our First Week in Cwtch 3