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Cwtch Pump

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Residential Trip to Tregoyd House

Techniquest Trip - 26th May 2022

Welsh Recital Poem - Eisteddfod 2022

Cwtch Pump - Warn and Inform Letter

'Inform' Letter for Cwtch 5

Rock Steady Letter - 20.01.22

Summer 2022 - Energy and Forces


Science and technology will be our driving theme this term. Pupils in Cwtch 5 will be asking questions about the world around us and applying scientific knowledge to further understand how our world works. There will be a particular focus on energy and forces, and how these forces impact on our lives. They will understand that forces and energy can be used to describe the behaviour of everything from the smallest building blocks of matter to the motion of planets and stars. They will also realise that understanding forces and energy helps us to predict and control the behaviour of our environment

We analysed a graph and asked some really interesting questions ...

What really happened with those 3 Little Pigs?


As part of an introduction to report writing, Cwtch 5 decided to imagine the story of the 3 Little Pigs from a different perspective. After some productive discussion, the groups reported their new ideas to the class.

Cycle Training Parental Consent Form for Year 5

Teulu'r Dderwen Warn and Inform Letter - 13.10.2021

On The Move

The children participated in a session hosted by On The Move. They got to try out a variety of different skills and teamwork challenges. These included activities such has free running and squash. 

Isolation work 


If your child is isolating and cannot attend school, please use these documents to continue learning at home.