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Year 3

This term, our context will focus on living in other countries. Both these countries will be in contrasting localities. The countries we will be focussing on are Japan and Kenya. 

Recipe for Tudor Pottage

Croeso  i Flwyddyn 3

Welcome to all the new Year 3 pupils!

Teacher - Mr. J Williams


Parents note - P.E kits will be needed on Tuesdays and Fridays. Keep a close eye for future news and pictures on the Year 3 page. 


This term, our context is 'The Origins of Chocolate' and we will be focussing on the history of chocolate. Also, we will be learning about the environments that are needed for the cacoa trees to grow. This half term, in Literacy, we will be writing poetry, instructions and a story based on the novel 'The Chocolate Touch.' 



Croeso     i   Flwyddyn 3




Welcome back to the Summer term.


This term our context is called Wacky Races- we will be looking at all things Tudor and modern sporting events. We will be writing diaries, play scripts, leaflets, traditional tales and poems and performing them too.


We are starting the context with a very special visitor - so don’t forget your Tudor costume on Wednesday, Mrs Armstrong has hers ready. 


See you all on Tuesday.


Wacky Races - A Historical Study on the Tudor era.

Making circuits

Year 3 Techniquest Trip

Year 3 PE Taster Sessions

Football and Healthy Eating with Tom and Tom from CCFC


Welcome back to the Spring Term.


This term our context is called Topsy Turvy. We will be comparing two countries - Japan and Kenya.

We will be writing myths, poems, letters and book reviews.  We will learn our 4 times tables, learn how to divide and find fractions of amounts.


PE will be on a Friday afternoon for the rest of this half term - please ensure your child has warm clothes and suitable footwear for the playground and field. We are very lucky to have Tom and Tom from Cardiff City, who will be teaching us about healthy eating and football skills.

Welcome to our new Year 3 pupils!


 Parents note - P.E. kit will be required on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Keep an eye out for future news and pictures on the Year 3 page.

Our context is 'water' this term and, we will be focusing on water pollution and Tsunamis. We're looking at adding, multiplying and data. We're also writing a story.

Painting our own waterliles pictures

Recreating one of Monet's masterpieces!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

World Book Day fun!

Exploring the new climbing frame

100 square challenge

Melting Chocolate

Celebrating our success!

Our artwork

100 years - Roald Dahl Day

Planning an experiment - melting

A challenge from Roald Dahl

A bit of chocolate research - yum

Rescuing the local wildlife - Theo Brackshaw!!

Pupil Voice - Great discussion work this afternoon

Enjoying the first day back - a recipe for success!

Creating sequences on apparatus

We're composing a song for the Welsh football team. Good Luck tonight against Russia #togetherstronger

Year 3 Football Stars

Together Stronger - Good Luck Wales

Still image for this video

Jack's Learning Power Character is now a sticker

Was Ethan right??

Designing bromeliads - I hope they will hold the water...!

Caitlin and Bella - Our Beaver Prayer

Rainforest dancing to hip-hop

Isabella with her explorer's compass

Thalia Colley Making The News!! Second Place In Magazine Art Competition

Classifying Rainforest Animals

First day back - drawing bar charts😃

Designing an experiment - better ideas than Mr W!!

Hi everyone! I hope you are having an eggs-ellent Easter break!cheeky I've been researching information about Rainforests ready for the new term and I've found some very interesting information. I've also found some weird and wonderful animals that I've never heard of! Look at this guy...


He's called a Proboscis Monkey!

Anyway, I have a challenge for you all; Who can find the strangest animal that lives in the Rainforest?

Think about:

How it looks.

What it eats.

How it moves.

Does it have any interesting or unique behaviours?


You can present your information to the class on Friday, April 22nd.


Happy Searching!!smiley

Alex - Player of the month @ Cardiff Devils

Dyed Gwyl Dewi Hapus Oddi Wrth Blwyddyn 3

Symmetrical Mosaics

Exploring feelings in different situations

Light experiment - great group work guys

Applying for a job with a Roman clothes maker

Measuring Shadows in Maths

Investigating Light

Plotting the Roman Empire in Year 3's 'War Room'!

Check out our Roman Helmets. We learned about the 4 different styles.

Asking and answering questions about the past...loving the first day back 😃

Seren and Ana on the Prowise Board

Planning a story in our oracy groups

Weaving ideas as a team
Toolkit check - looks like job well done to me!
Notemaker hard at work
Great communication
Working together = great ideas
Calmly sharing our thoughts and ideas

Problem Solving

Loving Callum's rugby ball - "The four proud Provinces of Ireland"

Looking for a waterproof material

Class Collective Worship

Christmas Shopping in Maths!! Halving and Doubling

Welsh questionnaires- some of us using 5 connectives!!

Guess who took a shine to MrsH' Xmas Tree?! Well, now it's in Year 3. Keep the decorations coming in!