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The Magical Portal and the Greedy Pirate

Written by the Creative Team


There was once a little boy called Joey Ash. He was a very helpful boy with a great imagination, but he was sad because had no friends. When he was young his parents had died in a fire and he was left all alone. An old wizard had taken pity on him and let him live in his house by the sea. But Joey was very lonely and wanted, more than anything, to find a friend.


Now, close by, there lived a little girl called Bella. She was very brave and kind-hearted. She lived with her mother in a small cottage above the wild sea. Bella’s father had disappeared many years ago and they were very poor. One day Bella went to look for blackberries along the cliff top. She set off and waved goodbye to her mother and her Donkey, Archie. Eee Awww!! Eeee Awww!! Take Care little Bella!! Eeee Aww!!


Meanwhile, Joey Ash decided that he would go out into the world to search for a friend. He set off along the cliff path with a bag of food. Just as Joey climbed to the top he spotted a little girl. Joey was shy, but he bravely went up to the little girl.

Joey: ‘Hello’

Bella: ‘Hello’

Joey: I’m called Joey Ash. What’s your name?

Bella: My name is Isabella- Merrida- Poppy, but everyone calls me Bella.

Joey was very pleased and he blushed from his chin up to the top of his head.

Joey and Bella made friends. They played together. They had a picnic with some food. They even made a little fire and roasted some delicious marshmallows. When they got tired said that he would help Bella to look for berries. But Bella slipped and went tumbling over the cliff into the sea below. Joey was horrified. What should he do?! He dived in after her!


Joey and little Bella were thrown around by the waves. Just as they thought they might drown a huge starfish, whose name was Sheyley, grabbed hold of the children. She lifted them high onto a giant rock. That night a huge pirate ship came sailing by.


This ship belonged to Captain Aye-Aye. He was a very bad Pirate. He snatched up the children and threw them into the very bottom of his boat.

Captain: You are just what I need!! You are just about small enough!!


The sky turned black and filled with terrible dark clouds. The wind blew, tossing the ship. The frightened children sat huddled together, when Joey noticed something shining on the deck.

Joey: Look Bella! What’s that?

Bella: It’s a key. Look how brightly it’s shining! Do you think it’s magic?


The children hid the key in Joey’s pocket. The ship was washed up onto the shore of an island. On this island there was a huge cave with a small portal.

“I am too big to fit through this hole!! You must squeeze inside and get me the treasure box. Bring it straight back out and don’t try to trick me!!’


The children squeezed through the portal. The frightened children could hear the sound of a creature breathing. There was a huge and hideous Sea Dinosaur asleep inside the cave. His massive Claw was lying on top of the treasure box!!


They were wondering what to do when the magic key whispered to Joey:

'We must thrust the key into the Dinosaur’s heart – then it will be turned to stone –but if it catches us, it will swallow us whole!!’


The Dinosaur had woken up! Bella had a very clever idea. She stood in front of the beast and sang at the top of her voice. Joey ran up his enormous tail and onto his back. Joey plunged the key into the heart of the great creature with all his might! The creature froze, like a huge stone rock.


Inside the treasure box was lots of treasure and a small, talking sword.

Hide me!!

‘Where have you been?? Roared Captain Aye-Aye as they came out of the cave. And where are my treasures!?’


The Magical Sword flew out of Bella’s pocket, arching through the air like an arrow. It killed the terrible Pirate quite dead.

Bella: But how will we get home now? Said Bella


Joey took the big lid off the treasure box. It made a perfect little boat. The children filled it with gold and silver and they sailed back across the ocean.


Archie the Donkey and Bella’s mother were overjoyed to see Bella and Joey. They were never poor again. That night they had a great big party on the beach and Everybody came. And they all ate meatballs!! And they all lived together happily with some ups and downs. Eee Aww!!