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The Rebecca Riots


Sixteen year olds in Wales have just voted for the first time and the whole of Wales has just witnessed our fifth Senedd Election. It wasn't always this way in Wales. In 1839, the workers of rural Wales had finally had enough. High taxes, poor harvests and no vote to improve their lives meant that there was a lot of suffering. Welsh farmers decided to take matters into their own hands. Taking inspiration from a well-known biblical verse, they dressed as women and attacked the toll gates that so unfairly took large amounts of their wages. 


Unfortunately, these protests became increasingly violent and ultimately came to an end in 1843. In Teulu Lleuad, we explored the causes and effects of these protests by looking at some sources. Can you use them to help you understand why it was felt that such drastic measures needed to be taken?

The Senedd Building


This beautiful building in Cardiff Bay is where our politicians make Wales' laws and debate our futures. We learned about the features that make this building unique and the incredible design features that make it one of the most important landmarks in Britain. Just like the builders of The Senedd, we were tasked to create our own version using local materials. We had to try and recreate the special design features, such as the roof, using only materials that we could find on the school grounds.


We started to understand the challenges that designers and builders face when embarking on such an ambitious project. We were creative and we worked collaboratively. But, above all, we were resilient and persevered when our designs didn't work. It was a lot of fun and, next time we're in Cardiff Bay, we will look a lot closer at one of Cardiff's most iconic buildings.