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Star of the Week


                                     25th September 2020




Cwtch Millington


Cwtch Flanigan

Raymond - for his outstanding effort with his handwriting.

Neve - for constantly looking for ways to be kind and helpful in class.


Cwtch Hyett

Albie - for his super listening skills this week.

Emily - for her enthusiasm learning her 2 x tables.


Cwtch Gwilym

Poppy C - for her positive attitude in every lesson.

Stas - for his impressive numeracy work and for always looking for an additional challenge.


Cwtch Vaughan

Charlie - For his impressive listening and hard work on all of his tasks. 

Ananya - For her fantastic work in every lesson this week. 


Cwtch Thomas 

Lauren - For her fantastic instructions.

Tamia - For her positive attitude in every lesson. 


Cwtch Davies

Tasnim - for her superb mathematics problem solving skills.

Sebastian - for his outstanding instructions and interesting slides presentation on Global Warming.


Congratulations to all of these children who have made such a huge effort with their online learning this week:

If you would like us to add a photograph, please email one to

Our Final Stars of the Week for This Term - Friday 10th July 2020


Rory, Emily and Franklyn have all really impressed Mrs Millington with their creative stories.  They introduced their chosen characters using interesting adjectives and they were able to develop a story that had a beginning, middle and end.


Year 1

Honey and Ava J have produced brilliant adaptations of the class story 'Pippety Skycap'.  Both had fantastic ideas and read with expression that made their stories interesting and exciting.


Year 2

Maharishi and Olivia have written fantastic letters.


Year 3

Joseph - For his positive attitude towards online learning.  His work on personification was particularly impressive.

Georgie - For her fantastic poem 'Bringing the Sky to Life' that included adjectives, metaphors, similes, personification AND rhyme...all in two stanzas!


Year 4

Henry and Morgan - For their superb effort in literacy and numeracy.


Year 5

Theo and Mckenzie - For working so hard on all the tasks set this week. 


Year 6

Mrs Davies would like to nominate all of Year 6, who have been absolutely fantastic through lockdown.  They have made her smile and even laugh out loud with their comments.  They have brought (happy) tears to her eyes because of all the effort they have put into their distance learning lessons.  Mrs Davies hopes that they will bring as much happiness and joy to the teachers in their new schools, because they are all stars to her :) :) :) :)


Mummy and daddy are so proud
...and looking forward to a well-deserved break :)
What an amazing gallery!

Stars of the Week - Friday 3rd July 2020


Sofia has worked REALLY hard on her art and design project.  She has also been working really hard on her online learning while she has been at the hub.

Rory came up with some AMAZING adjectives.


Year 1

Ivy has challenged herself by attempting some really tricky maths tasks on Seesaw.

Raymond has worked hard to write his sentences independently.


Year 2

Isabela and Georgia have both done some great work on measuring this week and have completed all of their challenges.


Year 3

Owen wrote an wonderful poem called 'Alliteration in the Zoo'.

Harriet recorded clear explanations in her video about the 'prove it' cards.


Year 4

Adam and Lillyanna wrote detailed arguments against deforestation.


Year 5

Ameer has shown great determination in maths.

Nicole came back to a parenthesis challenge that she originally found tricky.  Great resilience!


Year 6

Emilia T - for her numeracy work this week.

Tom - for his excellent 'settings' picture and his creative writing ideas.

Henry - for his great quest story that contained some really imaginative ideas.

Henry is happy to be star of the week again!

Stars of the Week - Friday 26th June 2020


Neve and Emily wrote very detailed book reviews.


Year 1

Emma has really worked hard on all her maths tasks this week.

Hannah has written a wonderful fact file about her pixie.


Year 2

Charlie has done some fantastic Big Maths work.

Nyasha produced a wonderful rainforest poster.


Year 3

Ananya always tries her best and on Wednesday she completed her work on column additions and then independently worked backwards, using column subtraction to check her answers.

Isaac R has shown great perseverance when completing all of his projects.  He recorded a fantastic explanation for his numeracy project and he also wrote some outstanding similes on Thursday.


Year 4

Sebastian - for his detailed art and design project work.

Nihal provided clear explanations in his numeracy task.


Year 5

Lilly worked really hard all week!

Charlotte produced a fantastic 'Cloud Swing' project.  Mrs Vaughan was particularly impressed with the detail in her story and her accompanying art work.


Year 6

Eva - for her maths problem solving.

Oliver - for his well-organised PowerPoint presentation about Christianity and other faiths.

Here is a VERY happy Emily getting her second star
Neve is bouncing with joy!
Eva and Wesley both feeling really proud :)
Charlotte and Hannah - two stars in the same house
...mum and dad are extremely proud parents :)

Stars of the Week – Friday 19th June 2020



Phoebe has worked really hard on all of this week’s tasks.

Justin is developing excellent reading skills.


Year 1

Quade, for the effort and attention he persistently gives to all tasks.  Miss Flanigan has been particularly impressed with his perseverance with his handwriting.

Isla-Rose, for challenging herself with numeracy tasks.

Keavy, for her 'Wanted' poster.


Year 2

Olly for working so hard in all areas of learning this week.  His creativity-based tasks have been particularly impressive1

Roseanna worked exceptionally hard on her Rainforest activities and produced some really detailed drawings.


Year 3

Lloyd always has a fantastic attitude towards his learning.  He has returned to work from previous days and responds to feedback in a way that enables him to improve his work.

Amelia B always applies 100% effort to all of her tasks.  Her project work has been wonderful!


Year 4

Lily-Rose has completed all of her numeracy tasks and her hard work has made Mrs Bunce very happy J

Shae has worked extremely hard in literacy.  His use of personification was amazing: ‘The fireworks danced through the sky; dancing happily and free.’


Year 5

Erin and Marley for their determination in maths.


Year 6

Evie has done really well in the class numeracy quizzes.

Noah has worked hard to develop brilliant division skills.

Stars of the Week - Friday 12th June 2020


Jack and Michael were both able to clearly explain how to make two halves from a whole.

Year 1

Caleb has produced fantastic maths work on Seesaw and he  acted on the feedback he received about his literacy work.

Isla-Grace has produced some high-quality project work, particularly her art project work.

Year 2

Ruby has applied her thinking skills well in numeracy tasks.

Stas really tried hard to make sure he wrote a great pirate script.

Charlie has completed all his tasks every week and Mr Williams and Mrs Marshall have been very impressed with his work.

Year 3

Amelia P has really challenged herself when responding to her teacher's comments, refusing to give up when things get tricky.

Ethan has a really positive attitude towards learning.  He has completed 'must', 'should' and 'could' tasks and described them as 'epic'.

Year 4

Henry has made a tremendous effort with all his tasks.  HIs outdoor poetry was particularly impressive!

Adam has given very precise and clear explanations in maths.

Year 5

Taznim produced detailed RE work.

McKenzie has made a huge effort this week and the quality of his work has improved massively.

Year 6

Dan has produced a great range of project work over the past weeks.

Jack Elson has really worked hard during Mrs Davies' online time this week and has produced fantastic maths work as a result.

Dan Mead - What did I find in my garden ? (he! he!)

Stars of the Week - Friday 5th June 2020


Dimitrios and Hunter have worked really hard and have returned some fantastic pieces to Mr Williams.


Year 1

Sebastian for making an excellent effort with every task set this week and acting on all the feedback he has been given.

Ava D for her brilliant effort to write sentences independently about a character in our new story. 

Both of these pupils also take great care with their handwriting.


Year 2

Sabine has made a fantastic model boat and completed some great investigative work.

Ayaan W wrote some fantastic information about pirates.


Year 3

Brandon for his literacy work on the present tense.  Brandon was checking what needed to be included in his explanation.

Summer for her fantastic attitude to her learning and making sure she completes all of her tasks.

Harrison for consistently completing his work to a high standard.


Year 4

Michael for his excellent similes.  In Mr Williams’ opinion, he may have written “the best similes in the history of mankind”.

Lillyanna and Cameron wrote some wonderful similes, including 'the wind howling is like the whispers of a ghost', 'the house is as creepy as an old forest, as a child's nightmares', 'the gorilla at the zoo pounded his chest like a drummer in a heavy metal band'.


Year 5

Hari, who has managed to transform his attitude to his work and the quality of his work this week.

Emrys did some fantastic work on relative clauses.


Year 6

Charlotte and Elise for responding to marking and improving their maths quiz work.

Cameron is very pleased to be a star this week :)
Sabine's wonderful boat :)
Nice work, Brandon!

Stars of the Week - Friday 22nd May 2020


Nothando and Justin for their super sentences and much-improved handwriting.

Michael for his wonderful problem-setting and problem-solving (video link below).


Year 1

Aniella for her dictionary entries and for always acting on the feedback she is given.

Gabriel for always taking care with his work and his impressive partitioning work in maths.


Year 2

Isla for the fantastic videos and recordings that she uploads to Seesaw; these always make us smile!

Aralina for the huge amount of effort she puts into all activities, particularly the outside hanging mobile she made this week.


Year 3

Poppy S for learning the importance of reading information carefully before beginning her tasks and working really hard to up-level her instructions.

Mia for working incredibly hard at home.  Every piece of work Mia hands in is beautifully presented and demonstrates how much effort she is making to be the best she can be.


Year 4

Isaac and Heidi for their descriptive writing and how keen they are to up-level their work.


Year 5

Charlotte and Sofia for applying so much effort to every task, including checking and responding to their teacher's comments.


Year 6

Calum S and Eliana for the creative ideas they came up with in literacy and the high-quality work they are producing in maths.


Aniella is missing school, but looks so happy here
Poppy is delighted to be star of the week :)
Heidi is letting everyone know how proud she is :)
Charlotte is a star for the second week - AMAZING!

Stars of the Week - Friday 15th May


Ruben gave clear directions when using a map.

Zach made a drum from recycled materials and improved on his original design to make the skin of the drum firmer.


Year 1

Honey took so much care with every piece of work and has been really creative with her projects and tasks.

Stefanos has made a huge effort with every piece of work.  His Seesaw maths was particularly impressive!


Year 2

Tyler and Dylan W have both worked so hard on all their activities and wrote fantastic fantasy stories.


Year 3

Amber wrote a wonderful play script and challenges herself daily, both in writing and maths.

Gracie-May has engaged with every task and created a wonderful dance routine to help her remember what she had learned about imperative verbs.  She even did every task set on her birthday!

Max Bindon has a brilliant attitude towards his work.  He is challenging himself every day and is completing all of his home-learning tasks.


Year 4

Mina and Beth have done fantastic numeracy work.


Year 5

Elouise and Tasnim compiled brilliant branching tree diagrams and did some great Venn diagram work.

Nicole has showed real determination when completing the 'could' section of Thursday's maths lesson.


Year 6

Henry has shown great enthusiasm and effort.

Izzy has responded to comments and marking really well.  She has produced excellent science work this week.

Emilia T has done some excellent maths as well as some super alliteration work in literacy.

Henry is star of the week :)
Happy Birthday, Gracie-Mae Star :)
Impressive work, Amelie-May :)
Stefanos is VERY happy to  be star of the week :)
Izzy's hard at work. Well done!
Amber enjoying some well-deserved down-time :)

Ruben's Excellent Directions

Still image for this video

Stars of the Week - Friday 8th May



Jac G has completed a wonderful Welsh colours project.

Iolo has retold the story of creation and produced some wonderful artwork.


Year 1

Olivia M has produced some excellent work on captions.

Hannah has also written fantastic captions.

Both girls have completed every task and project they have been given to a very high standard.  Their effort and attention to detail is clear in every piece of work.


Year 2

Nahla gave in a fantastic whole-school project poster.

Oskar has been making a huge effort to complete all his activities well.


Year 3

Jasmine has shown perseverance and has returned to her play script to do some amazing up-levelling.  Her final piece was great!

Max N has consistently challenged himself.  He has scored 10/10 in his CLIC test and has also produced a fantastic play script, using the new skills he has learnt.


Year 4

Ruby has been practising her spelling in lots of different ways.

Lauren  has shown determination when completing her tasks.  She is trying to work as independently as possible.


Year 5

Olivia and Annabelle have both been acing on Mrs Vaughan's maths marking comments instantly during her online time.  


Year 6

Tom has produced an AMAZING tribute to Captain Tom Moore, as part of the class VE celebrations.

Eleanor has produced fantastic literacy work.

Max is really happy about getting star of the week
Jasmine is jumping for joy :)
Eleanor looks so pleased with her award :)
Nahla has a fantastic certificate :)
Huge congratulations to Hannah :)
Olivia is so pleased to find out she's a star :)
Well done, Annabelle. Super up-leveller :)

Tom's Presentation about Captain Tom Moore

Stars of the Week - 1st May 2020


Emily has worked really hard to learn her x10 multiplication facts.

Sofia has come up with really creative sentences and is working really hard to learn how to write letters using our school cursive font.


Year 1

Josiah is working very hard at home and putting a lot of effort into every task he attempts.

Amelie-May completed some excellent work on capital letter and full stops.  Her handwriting was great, too!


Year 2

Dylan C has made a superb effort when completing all of his activities.

Ollie L-J's handprint activity was fantastic!


Year 3

Georgie produced an outstanding Hwb Hero video where she sang beautifully.  She also wrote a play script that included all the features we have been learning about.

Harriet wrote a detailed play script.  She has also attempted all tasks well, including projects.  Lots of effort has clearly gone into everything she sends in.


Year 4

Sean found all the missing numbers to 1000.

Oscar was able to highlight the adjectives, nouns and verbs in his literacy work


Year 5

Joel did some great maths on Tuesday.

Nicole has made an amazing effort with all her work and is emailing it in promptly every day.


Year 6

Brooklyn is working really hard at home, attempting every activity and producing some great work.

Nevaeh is keen to complete all the work she accesses, including some high-quality topic work.

Oliver is submitting every task and his work is always of a high standard.


Dylan is 'super happy' with his award :)
Emily has worked so hard at home this week :)
Harriet is delighted to be star of the week :)
Nevaeh is thrilled to be star of the week.

Stars of the Week - 24th April 2020


Reception - Rory and Michael, who have mastered their 'Learn-Its' x10 and can answer the questions in any order

Year 1 - Ava J  for her rhyming poem about a horse eating tomato sauce and Evie W - for her creative hub heroes work thanking all of the key workers.


Year 2 - Emilia Grace and Jacob M, for the effort they have made in both literacy and numeracy, in particular their descriptive sentences


Year 3 - Erin A and Isaac R for their wonderful creative projects: using natural materials and significant objects to build a picture of themselves


Year 4 - Isaiah L for his wonderful description of a giraffe and Morgan S for his lovely Kenning poem


Year 5 - Marley B and Charlotte M for producing such high-quality poetry videos


Year 6 - Jacob A and Eva R for their creative Hwb Heroes work

Thank you for the photographs

Ava with her certificate from mum :)
Charlotte has worked so hard