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Welcome to Cwtch Gwilym. 

Any home learning completed on paper for this cwtch can be emailed to our family email:


Learning to make a world of difference.


We have started our new topic by looking at where in Wales we are and the different regions that Wales is made up of. We have been looking at a variety of different maps to help us locate landmarks and important features. In numeracy we have been looking at units of measurement and the importance of measuring accurately. These skill have helped us identify the distance between Cardiff and the landmarks we have been learning about to help develop our understanding of where in Wales we are. 

Our value this half term is forgiveness. We have begun exploring the importance of this value in our class worships. 


We have just finished reading The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame.




This week we took time to reflect on our learning so far this year. We looked back through previous lessons and discussed times we felt we demonstrated resilience. We discussed our favourite lessons, things we found tricky and the lessons that made us feel proud.

We have been chatting to Cardiff Food Bank this week about how COVID has impacted the way they run. We are planning a special project as a Teulu to do our bit to help.

In preparation for our project we began looking at the types of food that Food Banks typically provide. We starting looking at the food we all had in our lunch boxes. We sorted these into foods we like and dislike. (Or both if we didn’t agree). We then designed our perfect food package and took reflective time to be thankful for the food that we have.

Some focused faces from this week’s Big Maths tests. We’ve been focusing on quick recall of our 9 x tables this week and have learnt a great trick to help us. Every single one of us ‘Beat That’ in this week’s Learn It’s test!

As we have been learning all about units of measurement in numeracy lessons, we thought it would be a good challenge to put our standing long jump skills to the test in this week’s P.E lessons. We previously measured how far we could jump and looked at how we can use our muscles in our legs and arms to travel longer distances. After getting our hearts racing with a game of reverse tag, we designed our owns paths to put our long jumping skills to the test.

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We rounded Outdoor Leaning Week off with a Teulu Ser dance off. ☀️

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Silver lining - While we were sad to lose one of our biggest trees in a recent storm, the stump it left behind makes a great seat!

This week we have been using our numeracy skills outdoors measuring the flowers that grow near the trees. We compared these with flowers from across the field to see if we could predict where the longest ones would be. We then began measuring trees. Young, old and even the stump of our fallen tree.

“Hold up your spelling practise if it makes you feel proud”

The outdoors means we can read as loud as we like with LOTS of expression!

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We have been loving getting lost in our books and building our confidence reading to different people.

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Reading aloud together helps us pay special attention to punctuation and pacing. (Plus it’s fun!)

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We took our guided group reading session outdoors this week to enjoy the sunshine. ☀️

We enjoyed trying to put Wales back together using group discussion and problem solving skills. We then used this map to help us figure out the mystery locations on our map.

Comic Relief - We really enjoyed getting some comic relief on Friday. We went ‘back in time’ to giggle at baby photos from our teachers and wore our clothes backwards to help raise awareness. There was lots of laughter all day long!

Comic Relief

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We’re back!

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Congratulations to each and every one of you who entered the Eisteddfod art competition. We were blown away by the high quality work we received.

Bishop Childs Got Talent

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Check back to view the talent that has been shares in Teulu Ser

Better when I’m dancing - Teulu Ser

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Pizza Party

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Pizza Party

#RecyclingHeroes - Product design and advertising. Congratulations to our competition winners. You can return to this project to find your certificates. Judging this was the hardest thing Teulu'r Ser staff have done this year! We ended up giving house points to each of you for your hard work.

Here are just some examples of the online learning that has been shared with us this week. Next week there are lots of opportunities for you to share your learning with us and we will be using them to create some collaborative videos. We are so excited to see all of your faces.

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This weeks handwriting competition winners.

1st place - Amelia Krawiecka - 5 House points

2nd place - Jasmine Lancaster - 3 House points

3rd place - Ruby Folland - 2 House point 


All children that have turned in or emailed their handwriting have also been awarded a house point for their effort. Da iawn!

This week's artwork. Keep an eye out for these designs hidden in your online learning.

Teulu'r Ser have a new family member! Ethan is joining Cwtch Gwilym this term and has already begun learning online with us on Google Classroom. We are very excited to meet you and look forward to sharing all of our learning together online until then.

Christmas Party Day.


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In guided group reading we have been reading about the adventures of kid spies Polly and Pete. We are looking forward to writing our own adventure in literacy.

The children thought of some exciting new ways to practise their spellings this week. They all worked really hard on a booklet full of all their ideas.

We practise our spelling and phonics daily as a class. However, on ‘Wordy Wednesday’ we start our day practising our weekly spellings independently.

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The children are really enjoying getting creative and practising their words in their own way.

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13.11.20 - This week's stars.